With the passionate guidance and masterful expertise of our family-owned factory in Italy, whom aspire incessantly for excellence throughout many generations of shoemaking, we have laboured closely together to perfect every detail of the construction as well as the design of our timeless minimalist sneaker.

We are especially delighted with the outcome of our flat toe box, which at the same time adds to the minimalist look of the sneaker — boasting that low profile — while also offering plenty of wiggle room in the toe area.

For this we must applaud and credit our amazing artisans, whose skillset made this quintessential detail possible. It epitomises our sense of style and our devotion towards finding the perfect balance in this marriage of comfort with aesthetics.

From the hand-stitched heel design to the almond shaped last, based on the Margom sole, all the way to the flat toe box, finishing it all off with a slightly tapered waist, everything in our design is aimed towards achieving the ultimate minimalist and sleek look. 

"It is only the shallow who do not judge by appearances."
— Oscar Wilde

We hope you like how elegant our sneakers look, because we know you will love how comfortable they feel.